Like many in our community, I finished high school and went on to receive my Bachelor of Science Degree in college.  I want to make sure that children in school today have better opportunities than I had.  Everyone who works hard should have the opportunity to pursue higher education, learn a skilled trade or get additional workplace training without taking on a lifetime of student loan debt.

In the senate, I’ll work to restore funding for our local schools, technical colleges and business training partnerships such as Austal and Airbus, as well as our 4 year university systems.  I will fight to bring Alabama to the top nationally with its scores and reputation.  Alabama has proven respect and success in football now let us earn the same respect and success in our education.  The City Council in Orange Beach has helped fund K-4 programs, paid for copies and supplies for teachers, funded Sea, Sand and Stars summer programs and provided extra teacher units.  I have seen firsthand how our PreK-12 schools have struggled to maintain curriculum, services, and extracurricular opportunities for our kids.

I support Senator Del Marsh’s school choice program to allow every student to utilize their unique talents and allow their parents to choose the school that meets their needs the best.

Student loan debt is a crisis that is affecting too many families across our state and preventing individuals from starting a family, launching a business or buying a home.  I recognize that we can’t continue to pile mountains of debt on working families and I will fully support the effort to allow individuals to refinance their student loans at lower interest rates in Alabama – just like they can in other states.

Protect our agriculture and waterways

Baldwin County was founded upon farming and remains one of the largest contributors of agricultural products in the state.  I will do everything in my power to establish protection for farmers to “Farm profitably” in Baldwin County and the rest of the state.  Regulations, growth and increased pressure to sell off family farm land are forcing farmers to produce more with less acreage.  It is necessary to protect farmers from regulations and from encroachment of neighborhood regulations into their working acreage space.

The Story of Red Snapper

I want to share with you the story of how Alabama's red snapper season was almost taken away from us and how many fought tirelessly to get it back. #boydforalsenate #storyofredsnapper #redsnapper #alabamafishing #southalabama #dauphinisland #orangebeach #gulfshores #alabama

Posted by JeffBoydforALSenate on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Similarly, the economic impact of the fishing industry is huge for Baldwin County and the entire state of Alabama.  Baldwin County has the most successful man-made reef system in the world.  As you can see from the video on this page, I spent a lot of effort working with the offices of Congressman Bradley Byrne, Senator Shelby and Commissioner Blankenship on extending the recreational fishing season from 3 days to close to 13 weeks.

Oyster farming has been damaged by hurricanes and the BP oil spill and I will continue to support programs such as oyser shell reclamation and the new pilot program to grow oysters off of local dock’s such as the pilot program created by Mr. Depaulo.

Both farming and fishing will continue to be a priority to me if elected to the Alabama Senate

Promote smart business growth

With Alabama being non-union and a right to work state we are the best location for new jobs. We must create the best incentives and educated work force to attract new industry so our children and grandchildren find success at home.

I want to prioritize investment in jobs, business and entrepreneurs right here in Baldwin County.  For too long, politicians have failed to put our local schools, roads and communities first while special interest in other areas of the state have received large sums of taxpayer money.  I will work to ensure Baldwin County receives our fair share of state investments.  If we ever expect to succeed at the North Baldwin Mega site, we need funding so it will be shovel-ready for a major manufacturing entity.  I will also fight to maintain local control so that our communities can decide what is best for our growth, instead of letting out-of-state and foreign corporations damage our gulf, bays, and estuaries.

BP damaged our environment, killed our tourism and effected local business and hundreds of millions of dollars from the BP settlement were stolen from the citizens of Baldwin and Mobile counties to fix a budget problem we were not responsible for.  I have often stated that if I were your state senator you would have had to drag me off the senate floor before I would have let them steal our BP funds.  The damage was caused here and the money should have stayed here!

Strengthen Infrastructure

The Eastern Shore is the one of the fastest growing suburbs in the U.S, we must prepare for future growth.

The Trump administration is planning to roll out a national infrastructure plan, as I have worked with our Senators and Congressman on a new bridge in Orange Beach, I have learned that to participate in the national infrastructure plan, matching funds will be needed.  The state legislative body must address this in the 2018 session for Alabama to be able to participate.  I support the following projects as priority, widening to 4 lanes Highway 31, an I-10 interchange at Highway 13, Highway 181 widened to 4-lanes all the way to 98, extending the Foley Beach Express all the way to I-65, a new bridge in Orange Beach and participation with the City of Mobile and theUS Department of Transportation for a new I-10 bridge over the tunnel.

Put the people of Baldwin County first

I promise to always put Baldwin County first. I believe Alabama is the greatest state, with the greatest people. We work hard, we love our neighbors, we love our God. Baldwin County generates enormous revenue for the State of Alabama and I will fight to keep it at home.

I will do all things with Statesmanship and Respect. This country was founded on Christian values that have disappeared in the political arena. I have fought for these principles as a City Councilman and will stand for decency, respect and Godliness as your State Senator.

While many of our current elected officials have been busy playing politics, I have been busy helping people.  Whether in my job as an Infection Prevention Specialist, or as a City Council member in Orange Beach tackling hard projects like “Leave only Footprints”, Red Snapper legislation or widening Canal Road I am always trying to find a way to succeed with the task at hand and improve others lives.

I feel the time is now to put this common sense approach to work representing Alabama’s District 32 State Senate seat.  I am and will continue to be a Statesman.  For too long politicians have lost respect for the honor of the office and the humility to realize they work for the people not their own agendas.

 I will not ask whether an idea is Republican or Democrat, just whether it’s a good idea for Baldwin County.

Ensure our right to bear arms

I will always defend our right to bear arms. It is vital that we always have the ability to defend ourselves. As an outdoorsman, I also believe Alabamians should be able to enjoy recreational hunting.